Anthony Wickham


I recently graduated and I'm looking for some real-world practice. I'm very open to negotiating pricing as I'm not currently looking to make a killing, but rather gain experience and some reasonable compensation for my time. I will happily show you print options, album options and work with you and your budget while still providing a professional service and products.

I do have a day job 6 days a week so If you need me for a Saturday event before 4:00, pricing will start at a minimum $300 regardless of job (+album/print materials) to supplement my daily income, and will require some advance notice. Sundays I do not have a time constraint, and pricing can be negotiated from job to job (+ cost of materials/ prints). At this time I do not offer video, only still images.


  • Portrait photography
  • Headshots
  • and Event photography
  • (Don't pay thousands on your wedding pictures
  • help me gain experience and save yourself money.)


  • Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop proficient